Nebraska coach Scott Frost said today “our football players want to play and our coaches want to coach this year.” 

During a virtual news conference today, Frost said “the virus is going to be here whether we’re playing football or not.”  Frost said he’s 100 percent certain that the safest place for Husker players is in the football program, where there’s testing, medical supervision and “where they have motivation to stay away from the virus.” 

When asked if the Big Ten decides against playing football this fall, would he entertain the possibility of games against teams outside of the conference, Frost said: “Our university is committed to playing…no matter who it is, or where it is.”  He added: “We certainly hopes it’s in the Big Ten.  If it isn’t, I think we’re prepared to look for other options.”  

Frost also noted that without football, NU’s athletic department would lose $80-120 million dollars, it would cost Lincoln and the state of Nebraska millions of dollars and it would cost some people their jobs.