Creighton University Says Job Search For Students Could Take Longer

OMAHA- 2020 graduates will be stepping into an uncertain employment landscape as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Jeremy Fisher with Creighton University, students can expect the job search to take longer than normal as many companies are delaying hiring opportunities until the health, safety and financial implications of COVID-19 have stabilized. Fisher says many graduates that have already received job offers are experiencing delayed start dates until later this summer as most employers have transitioned to remote work and says summer internships also have been delayed, cancelled or changed to virtual or remote experiences. Fisher said it may not be necessary to completely change careers as long as the impacts of the pandemic don’t persist longer than the next few months.

Fisher adds that there also is opportunity in industries that are continuing to hire, which include e-commerce; logistics and transportation; health care and medical devices; financial services and insurance; grocery; and digital technology firms.