Alberts Proud of Team, Talks About Frost Contract

Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts had his monthly sit down with Greg Sharpe on Sports Nightly aired last night on KJSK. 

Following an early-season upheaval in the football team’s coaching staff, Alberts said he is “really proud of our team.”

“Proud of the leadership on our team, proud of the fight of these young men,” Alberts said.  “I really want to salute Mickey Joseph….really proud of his leadership during a challenging time.”

Alberts also said Scott Frost would have received a one-year contract extension and had his annual salary restored to $5 million if the Huskers had gone 6-6 in the regular season and played in a bowl game. 

The metrics had been kept private until a judge, citing state open records laws, ordered the terms made public earlier in the day.  USA Today had sued NU saying the information should not have been kept confidential.