Norfolk Police Identify Mother Of Deceased Newborn After 19 Year Investigation

NORFOLK- On June 17, 2004, Norfolk Police were called to the Norfolk Fork of the Elkhorn River in the 200 block of N. 1st Street where a deceased newborn’s body was recovered from the river.

The autopsy of the full-term baby was inconclusive as to if the baby had been alive prior to its discovery. An extensive investigation followed, but it did not reveal the mother’s identity. Over the years, the case was revisited several times to determine if new information or technology was available to further the investigation. In March of 2023, Norfolk Police partnered with the UNMC DNA lab to conduct an investigative genealogy process to help with the identification of the mother and were successful in identifying her. Norfolk detectives traveled to the mother’s city of residence and had contact with her. The mother stated that she was a juvenile at the time of the birth and that the birth occurred at home. The baby was stillborn and she later disposed of the infant in the river. She provided a DNA sample which confirmed that she was the mother of the infant.

Norfolk Police say any misdemeanor crime committed in this case has passed the statute of limitations and there is insufficient evidence for any other prosecution.