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KLIR Teacher of the Month – Lynn Graf

8th Grade Teacher at Immanuel Lutheran School

Nominated By Student Avery Hadenfeldt

Why Lynn should be honored: Mrs. Graf is one-of-a-kind. She is not only an excellent and talented educator, but she is a true mentor to all of her students. She encourages, pushes and goes above and beyond to ensure individualized success for each of her students. She celebrates and highlights the strengths of a student and creates a positive environment for growing in areas of weakness, while not hyper-focusing on the issue; rather creating solutions and helping to implement the changes necessary.
She knows the importance of the educational side of school, but also recognizes the importance of the social/emotional side of teaching junior high -aged students. She is always going the extra mile to make each day in the classroom fun and full of laughter. Even after all of her years in teaching, and the major changes and challenges that teachers have faced over the years, she will still say that she LOVES what she does and thoroughly enjoys the time she spends with her class…… “her kids” as she always says.
She is vibrant, friendly and talented in so many areas. She is the true definition of a dedicated educator who seeks to nurture and equip all of her students, not only academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually. What a blessing she has been to Immanuel Lutheran School for many years.

Honorable Mention – Mrs. Klink

2nd Grade Teacher at St. Isidore

Nominated By Student Mayraitzel Gallegos

Why Mrs. Klink should be honored: Is the best teacher she help me learn more and helps me understand when I need help.

Honorable Mention – Mrs. Espencer

Kindergarten Teacher at St. Isidore

Nominated By Student Guillermo Gallegos

Why Mrs. Klink should be honored: She is the best teacher she is teaching me a lot.


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