Drivers Licensing & Vehicle Registration Requirements Flexibility Increased

LINCOLN- Governor Pete Ricketts has issued an executive order to increase flexibility in requirements for Nebraska residents relating to driver licensing and vehicle registration requirements.

Ricketts is extending driver licenses and vehicle registrations expiring on or after March 1st.  The extension will remain in effect until 30 days after the order is lifted. The extension will apply to all driver licenses, state identification cards, permits, or other credentials issued by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. Any vehicle title requirements, registrations, in-transit tags, or motor carrier temporary documents due to expire on or after March 1st will be extended until 30 days after this executive order is lifted. Any Nebraska penalties or interest associated with late filing of quarterly returns for members of the International Fuel Tax Agreement will be waived.

Monthly inspection and reporting requirements under the ignition interlock program will be provided a two-week extension period for all existing interlock customers.