Tonight’s Kickoff, Football Practices This Week Altered by Heat

Columbus High’s football game at Norfolk tonight has had its kickoff moved back one hour to 8 p.m. due to excessive heat. 

Discoverers coach Craig Williams says the “number-one thing” this week has been keeping players safe.  So, all of the team’s practices were moved to early in the morning before school.   

“Then after school we would come in and watch some film and then do a walk-through inside,” Williams said, adding: “A lot more mental reps, but you throw in that Thursday game (tonight) after a Friday game last week for us and it might not be a bad thing to get the kids off their feet and maybe not hit them quite as much in practice.”  

CHS opened its season last Friday with a 31-7 home win over Fremont.  The Maroon Cup rival Panthers are kicking off their season tonight. 

You can hear play-by-play of the game on KLIR 101, with audio streamed live at