Mendelson More Prepared To Play Volleyball and Hoops This Year

Maggie Mendelson is a pretty unique player at Nebraska. 

The 6-foot-5 sophomore is getting ready for her second year playing both volleyball and basketball for the Huskers.  A recent interview with Mendelson, aired on Wednesday’s Sports Nightly, focused on whether she feels more prepared for the double-duty this year.

“I feel way more prepared,” Mendelson said. “Last year, I had just got done with my summer basketball and I was like, okay, two days of volleyball and then we start fall camp.  So, this year I’ve been working with volleyball.  I went to Brazil (with the Huskers) and now I’m really excited and feel more prepared doing this year’s fall camp.”

Mendelson is a middle blocker in volleyball and plays center/forward in basketball.