2 Teens Face Felony Charges After Shooting In Woodland Park Saturday

STANTON- Additional felony charges will be brought against two 14-year-old boys in connection to the shooting of an occupied dwelling in Woodland Park early Saturday morning.

The Sheriff’s office investigation revealed that a residence on Meadow Lane in Woodland Park was struck four or five times by gunfire at the time and the residence was occupied by a young adult. The damage to the residence was not discovered immediately and the two males now face felony charges of Shooting into an Occupied Dwelling, Use of a Firearm to Commit a Felony, and Criminal Mischief. One of the suspects lives in Woodland Park and the actual shooter lives in Norfolk, a female that was with the two at the time of the incident and was released on citation may face additional charges. The motive for the shooting is believed to be over a relationship with a different female. No one was injured. The firearm used in the shooting was believed to have been discarded in the area of the Woodland Park Elementary school and efforts to find it so far have been unsuccessful.

The investigation is ongoing.