Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told House lawmakers Wednesday the Department of Agriculture is ending the Farmers to Families Food Box program. Representative David Valadao, a California Republican, stated, “although it wasn’t a perfect program, this program provided families with healthy, nutritious food items grown here in the U.S.,” asking Vilsack what USDA will do next. Vilsack says USDA will continue to provide healthy food, but doing so through the most efficient system USDA has. Vilsack responded, “A lot of problems with it, Representative, a lot of problems,” regarding the cancellation during a House Ag Appropriations Committee hearing. Vilsack told lawmakers USDA will take the best of the program, “and incorporate it into our traditional regular programs that are very efficient of food distribution.”

USDA announced new pandemic aid programs Monday to help make up for the Farmers to Families Food Box program. The program purchased U.S. commodities and food for distribution to the public.

(From NAFB News Service)