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Sell: Apartment Size Kenmore Refrigerator and Nied's Meats Cookbooks

Item Description:

10/21/21--Sell: A white Kenmore refrigerator, apartment size, 32" tall, 19" wide, like new. Also, Nied's Meats Cookbooks, 65 original recipes. Phone: 402-564-7869.

Sell: Horseradish and Cherry Tomato Salsa Pints

Item Description:

10/21/21--Sell: Horseradish pints for $8.50, and Cherry Tomato Salsa pints for $5.50. Phone: 402-270-3569.

Sell: Four Packages Of Ensure

Item Description:

Sell: Four packages of Ensure. Three chocolate, one strawberry. Date code 7-22, never opened, 30 grams of protein. Phone: 402-564-7520.

Sell: LaCrosse Size 10 Hip Boots Weatherproof

Item Description:

10/14/21--Sell: A pair of LaCrosse, size 10 hip boots, weatherproof. Phone: 402-564-7520.

Sell: 14 Dozen Wide Mouth Quart Size Canning Jars

Item Description:

09/15/21--Sell: 14 dozen mostly wide-mouth quart size canning jars for $5 a dozen. Phone: 402-270-4970.

Wanted to Buy: A 6' to 7' Weed Shredder 3 Point on Tractor

Item Description:

09/07/21--Wanted: A 6' to 7' weed shredder for 3 point on tractor. Phone: 402-562-3409/

Sell: Reader's Digest Book Sets

Item Description:

08/24/21--Sell: Reader’s Digest book sets for $50 a set. Phone: 402-615-0972.

Sell: White Shutters Of Different Sizes

Item Description:

07/19/21--Sell: A set of white house shutters in three different sizes. Phone: 402-563-2261.

Chevy Equinox front seat covers


Item Description:

Sell: Black leather front seat covers for a Chevy Equinox. $60. Phone: 402-562-6354, or 402-942-5223.

Wanted: Youth Bicycles, Paddle Boats, Kayaks

Item Description:

06/07/21--Wanted: Youth bicycles, Pelican Boats, Paddle Boats, or Kayaks. Phone: 402-564-7048.

Wanted: Novak 4 Row Button Accordian, FBEA

Item Description:

04/29/21--Wanted: A Novak 4 row button accordian, FBEA. Phone: 303-335-8293.

Wanted: A Two Wheeled Pull Behind Camper Trailer

Item Description:

04/28/21--Wanted: A small two-wheeled, pull behind camper trailer. Phone: 402-246-4753, or leave a message 402-246-2602.

Wanted: A Tiller To Pull Behind A Lawn Tractor


Item Description:

04/27/21--Wanted: A roto tiller to pull behind a lawn tractor. Phone: 402-246-4753, or leave a message 402-246-2602.

Nieds meat store cook books

Item Description:

65 original recipes.

Sell: Firewood

Item Description:

09/15/20--Sell: Firewood, various hardwoods, $100 a pickup load. Can deliver to Columbus. Call 402-817-9818 Newman Grove.

Fill Sand For $1.00 a Yard

Item Description:

03/02/20--Sell: Fill sand for $1.00 a yard. You haul away. Unlimited quantity. Phone: 402-993-2367. (The answering machine does not work.)

Sell: Bicycle, Camp Chairs, GIve Away: Large Dog House

Item Description:

11/08/20--Sell: A Murray girl's 10 speed bicycle in good condition for $35. Four small folding camp chairs with canvas seats, $5 each, a small plastic portable camping toilet $5, a 15 gallon rubber watering tub, a very large clamshell type plastic dog house FREE. Phone: 402-270-1973 and leave a message.

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