State Education Officials Warn Students Against TikTok Challenges

LINCOLN- A growing social media video platform, TikTok, is wreaking havoc in schools with its so-called “devious lick” challenges.

In September, students were encouraged to steal or damage school property, then share a video with the hashtag on TikTok. October’s Tik Tok challenge is to “slap a teacher.” President of the Nebraska State Education Association Jenni Benson is calling on parents to talk with their children and let them know that threatening and engaging in physical harm is not a joke and such action is and will be treated as an assault. School districts across the nation are reacting strongly, investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators.

In Florida, at least nine students were arrested and charged with vandalism at one high school. Their parents also had to pay for the more than $2,000 in damages.

School officials and others are calling on TikTok to shut down the challenges calling for violence and other illegal activities. But, so far, TikTok has not taken down the challenges.