Senator Pushing To Require Students To Complete FAFSA Application

LINCOLN- Nebraska could join Louisiana, Illinois, and Texas to become the fourth state in the country to require high school students to complete the FAFSA application.

Senator Tony Vargas introduced LB1089 Tuesday that would require students to complete the FAFSA prior to graduation from high school. Under the bill, the Commissioner of Education may waive the requirement if a parent or legal guardian certifies to the school district that they refuse or are not able to fulfill the requirements due to extenuating circumstances. Senator Vargas said the bill would lead to an increase in more affordable student grants and loans, and hopefully, college enrollment, when it becomes more affordable to low income students and their families.

An annual analysis shows that over a third of high school graduates did not complete the FAFSA in 2018, missing out on an average of $4,000 in financial aid.