Ribbon Cutting Held For North South Walking Routes In Columbus

COLUMBUS- Platte County Lifestyle Coalition hosted a Ribbon Cutting at Frankfort Square Thursday for the North and South walking routes.

PCLC’S North Walking Route will begin at 18th Street and 32nd Ave. Walk along 32nd Ave. on the east sidewalk, turn east onto the south sidewalk along 14th Street, then turn south on 22nd Ave. onto the west sidewalk. Turn west onto the north sidewalk along 13th Street, and then turn north on 32nd Ave. on the east sidewalk to return to 18th Street. The total distance of the north route is 2 miles. PCLC’S South Walking Route begins at the corner of 26th Ave. and 11th Street. Head east along the north side of 11st Street, turn south along the west side of 16th Ave, then turn west along the north side of 9th Street. Turn north along the east side of 26th Ave. to return to the beginning of the route. The total distance is 1.6 miles.

PCLC Coordinator Gene Vis says the routes are designed to connect people to places throughout Columbus…

The grant to create the paths was through America Walks, a program dedicated to creating places where all community members have safe, accessible, equitable and enjoyable places to walk and be physically active.  The walking routes are free and available to anyone in the public.