In the wake of the Wisconsin football team cancelling its game at Nebraska this Saturday, there have been no comments from NU officials. 

In fact, as of this morning there’s no story about the game being canceled due to the Badgers’ COVID-19 outbreak posted on 

On Wednesday’s Sports Nightly program on News Talk 900 KJSK, host Greg Sharpe said of the Huskers’ non-response: “It has been eerily quiet.”  Sharpe also explained that Wisconsin paused all team activities for seven days after a dozen people within the program including coach Paul Chryst tested positive because the Badgers were in the orange/red category.  

“The team must proceed with caution and enhanced COVID-19 prevention, alter practices and meeting schedules and consider the viability of continuing with scheduled competitions,” Sharpe said.  

Wisconsin said it made the decision to cancel in consultation with Big Ten officials. 

The Huskers will play next Saturday at Northwestern.  It’s an 11 a.m. kickoff.  That same day, the Badgers are scheduled to host Purdue.