The national governing body for America’s high schools has recommended a three-phase reopening of prep sports in the wake of COVID-19.  The National Federation of State High School Associations released the guidelines yesterday.  

In phase one, workouts and weight training could begin.  Lower-risk sports such as individual running and swimming events, and golf could open in phase two.  Also in phase two, practices could start for moderate-risk sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer and tennis among others. 

Phase two raises the limit on participants outdoors to 50, while still having a 10-player limit indoors.  Temperature checks and screening questions are recommended for the first two phases. 

In phase three, those moderate-risk sports could begin competitions, while higher-risk sports like football and wrestling could start modified practices. 

The NFHS said the guidance was developed to give state associations a starting point when they develop their own plans for sports based on local and state restrictions.