NeFU Foundation Announces “Give to Lincoln” Contributions Will Support The Nebraska Rural Response Hotline

LINCOLN, NE—Nebraska Farmers Union (NeFU) Foundation announced their “Give to Lincoln” contributions this year will once again be used to directly support the operation of the “Nebraska Rural Response Hotline”.

All contributions are tax deductible and a portion of the contributions raised will be matched by “Give to Lincoln”. Last year, a record setting $2,729 in contributions were received, and “Give to Lincoln” added $210.28 to support the Hotline. NeFU Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for the Hotline.

NeFU along with Nebraska Grange, Nebraska Women Involved in Farm Economics, and members of the church community came together to form the Nebraska Rural Response Hotline in 1984 in response to the farm crisis of the 1980’s. The Nebraska Rural Response Council sponsors and oversees the Hotline. The Hotline is administered by the Farm and Ranch Project of Legal Aid of Nebraska at their Bancroft office. Legal Aid of Nebraska has staffed the Hotline since 1984, and augments Hotline services with their own programs.

The Hotline is a national leader in the services it provides to farm, ranch, and rural families in their time of need. The services include food, financial and bookkeeping assistance, legal counseling and services, and free $75 per hour mental health vouchers with an ag knowledgeable professional counselor. In 2020, the Hotline provided a record setting 3,346 mental health vouchers. When people call 800-464-0258, help is but a phone call away. In 2020, the Hotline received 4,550 calls.

John Hansen, who serves as the Secretary for both the Farm Crisis Council and NeFU Foundation said, “Our Nebraska Rural Response Hotline is a true lifeline and blessing for rural families in crisis. Thanks to our partners we are able to help get rural families in crisis get the help they need. This is a truly unique, Nebraska nice effort. Contributions of all sizes are put to good use. Thanks for your consideration.”