NeCGA Continues 50th Anniversary Celebration

LINCOLN, Neb. – As we push halfway through the calendar year, the Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA) continues to reflect on the past 50 years, while also looking ahead on behalf of our membership base. As a grassroots association, it was a simple phone call in 1972 requesting assistance that set the foundation for who NeCGA is today. The 50th Anniversary Banquet, scheduled for August 19th, will culminate this year of celebration. For 50 years, NeCGA has stood with growers and members of the agriculture community to create and increase opportunities for Nebraska’s corn farmers through advocacy, education, partnership and leadership development.

“This is a key milestone for our grassroots membership and our association,” stated Andy Jobman, farmer from Gothenburg and NeCGA president. “It is time to recognize past leaders, reflect back on successful resolution to issues – but just as importantly look ahead on how the association will play a key role in challenges and opportunities over the next 50 years.”

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, NeCGA created a video that includes interviews with early founders, current leaders and highlights key issues that the association took a leadership role in. “The goal is to leave the industry better than we found it, whether its ethanol policy, crop insurance policy, trade biotechnology development or the technology we use on our farms,” explained Jobman. Making sure our growers have the tools in front of them that allow them to operate successfully and help make sure that they are profitable and can pass that farm from one generation to the next.”

As NeCGA continues to be at the forefront of issues like fertilizer tariffs, EPA rulings and property taxes, opportunities for grower members to voice their opinions continue to grow. “I’m very excited about the next 50 years with the Nebraska Corn Growers,” said Mike Bergen, Hamilton County Corn Growers Association’s president. “I think we are going to see corn farmers come together and unite with one voice to promote agriculture.”