Nebraska Crop Production Report

LINCOLN, Neb. August 12, 2022 – Based on August 1 conditions, Nebraska’s 2022 corn production is forecast at 1.70 billion bushels, down 8% from last year’s production, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Acreage harvested for grain is estimated at 9.40 million acres, down 2% from a year ago. Average yield is forecast at 181 bushels per acre, down 13 bushels from last year.

Soybean production in Nebraska is forecast at 305 million bushels, down 13% from last year. Area for harvest, at 5.55 million acres, is down slightly from 2021. Yield is forecast at 55 bushels per acre, down 8.0 bushels from last year.

Nebraska’s 2022 winter wheat crop is forecast at 29.2 million bushels, down 29% from last year. Harvested area for grain, at 860,000 acres, is up 2% from last year. Average yield is forecast at 34 bushels per acre, down 15 bushels per acre from 2021.

Sorghum production of 16.8 million bushels, is down 15% from a year ago. Area for grain harvest, at 280,000 acres, is up 22% from last year. Yield is forecast at 60 bushels per acre, down 26 bushels from last year.

Oat production is forecast at 920,000 bushels, down 37% from last year. Harvested area for grain, at 23,000 acres, is down 12% from last year. Yield is forecast at 40 bushels per acre, down 16 bushels from 2021.

Dry edible bean production is forecast at 2.55 million cwt, down 8% from last year. The average yield is forecast at 2,200 pounds per acre, down 240 pounds from last year. Acres planted by class are as follows: Pinto, 81,300; Great Northern, 24,000; Black, (D); Light Red Kidney, 6,200; Chickpeas, (D); Navy, (D); All Other, (D).

Sugarbeet production is forecast at 1.36 million tons, down 3% from 2021. Area for harvest, at 44,400 acres is up 1%from last year. Yield is estimated at 30.6 tons per acre, down 1.3 tons from a year ago.

Alfalfa hay production is forecast at 2.43 million tons, down 35% from last year. Expected yield, at 3.00 tons per acre, is down 1.10 tons from last year. All other hay production is forecast at 2.40 million tons, down 6% from last year. Forecasted yield, at 1.60 tons per acre, is up 0.05 ton from last year.

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