Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos and chancellor Ronnie Green issued a joint statement late this morning.  The statement came after the Big Ten reportedly rejected a deal NU had made with Tennessee-Chattanooga for the Huskers to host the Mocs in football this Saturday.  

The statement confirmed Nebraska explored the possibility of securing a non-conference game Saturday, adding: “The discussions we had were with teams that had already implemented stricter testing protocols than those mandated by the Big Ten Conference.” 

The statement continued: “We believe the flexibility to play non-conference games could have been beneficial not only for Nebraska, but other Big Ten teams who may be in a similar position as the season progresses.  The ability for all Big Ten members to play a non-conference game if needed could provide another data point for possible College Football Playoff and bowl consideration.” 

Of the Big Ten not approving NU’s request, the statement concluded by saying “we respect their decision.  We are excited to move forward with preparations for the rest of the season, beginning with next week’s game at Northwestern.”