Gov. Ricketts Not Closing Meat Packing Plants, Cargill With First COVID Case

SCHUYLER- Cargill has confirmed three cases of COVID-19 at the meat processing plant in Schuyler. Cargill representatives said the plant “will only operate their facilities if they can do so safely.” Company officials said workers will face a mandatory 14-day quarantine if they test positive or if they’re exposed to the virus.

Governor Pete Ricketts says he doesn’t plan to close any of Nebraska’s meatpacking plants despite a surge in coronavirus cases in their surrounding communities that have turned them into the state’s biggest hot spots. Ricketts says he was concerned that shuttering the plants could hurt the state’s food supply and lead to “civil unrest” if residents suddenly lose access to meat. 

A Tyson plant in Dakota County reported 133 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, bringing its total to 246.