Gary Wright – ‘Dream Weaver’
  • Writer: Gary Wright
  • Producer: Gary Wright
  • Recorded: Early 1975 at Sound Labs, Inc. in Los Angeles
  • Released: Summer 1975
  • Players:
    Gary Wright — vocals, keyboards
    David Foster — keyboards
    Bobby Lyle — keyboards
    Jim Keltner — drums
  • Album: The Dream Weaver (Warner Bros., 1975)
  • Also On: Dream Weaver: The Best Of Gary Wright (Rhino, 1999)
  • Before launching a solo career, Gary Wright was a member of the band Spooky Tooth and had been in the Broadway play Fanny.
  • At age seven, Wright appeared in the Captain Video TV series.
  • The title track of his second solo album, “Dream Weaver” peaked at Number Two on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • The Dream Weaver album cover boasted, “This is an album of keyboard music, with the exception of drums and vocals.”
  • There’s also some guitar on the album, which was played on a few songs by Ronnie Montrose.
  • Among the keyboardists contributing to Dream Weaver was David Foster, who went on to become one of pop’s most successful producers.
  • The Dream Weaver album peaked at Number Seven on the Billboard 200 and sold more than two million copies.


  • Though he never repeated Dream Weaver’s success, Wright has continued to record, though he doesn’t tour often.
  • Among his projects has been composing an instrumental score for part of the 1983 film Staying Alive, which was the follow-up to Saturday Night Fever.
  • His most recent release is the album Human Love, which came out in 1999 through his official website.
  • “Dream Weaver” was featured prominently in the film Wayne’s World.
  • Wright reunited with some former bandmates for a couple of Spooky Tooth shows in June 2004.