Nebraska football coach Scott Frost made a statement on Twitter last night in the wake of the recent death of George Floyd and the protests that have followed. 

In the post, Frost said: “The recent tragedies in this country are unacceptable.  The senseless deaths that have occurred are inexcusable.  We should all stand up against racism of any kind.  It should have no place in this world.” 

Frost’s post also noted that he has been raised to turn to faith and prayer.  His post said “I pray that God shows us all how to be caring for and accepting of one another.” 

Frost is the third NU coach to release a statement on the issue recently.  Husker basketball coaches Fred Hoiberg and Amy Williams also released statements last weekend. 

Sports Nightly host Greg Sharpe began last night’s program aired on News Talk 900 KJSK by saying that racial tensions have flared up all over the country including Lincoln and Omaha. 

Sharpe read part of Hoiberg’s statement on the air: “As the head coach of incredible young black men, I know I have a job to do to help them grow on and off the court.  I have told them when we are all back together in the coming days, I’ll have a team meeting that will allow us to come together to find ways to make positive change.”