The Cornhusker State Games Virtual Torch Run begins next Monday.  On that day, runners from four counties, Box Butte, Dawes, Sheridan and Sioux, will run in their home counties. 

The torch run will continue through June 25th and will involve three to six counties each day.  So far, more than 400 runners are registered to run in more than 60 counties of the state. 

Organizers say they’re still looking for at least one runner in several open counties to participate.  The current county map can be found on the Torch Run Facebook page. 

The daily schedule and registration link can be found at  Runners in the torch run are required to register for the free event, then run a minimum of one mile in a safe location in their home county. 

They’re also eligible to win prizes if they post or email a photo or short video of their run and include #CSGTorch.