KJSK Program Guide

KJSK-AM PROGRAM GUIDE Monday through Friday 12:00:00 AM–CBS News 12:06:00 AM–SB Nation Radio 01:00:00 AM–CBS News 01:06:00 AM–SB Nation Radio 02:00:00 AM–CBS

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KJSK Obituaries

The Funeral Notices at 7:50 am on KJSK are brought to you by Gass Haney Funeral Home, the oldest business in Columbus.  Gass Haney...Read More

KJSK History

The History Of KJSK-AM Radio station KJSK-AM, 900 kilocycles and 1000 Watts non-directional went on the air April 28, 1948 with a 266′ tower, transmitter, and studio facilities on Shady Lake

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James Nickel I was born in Omaha at St. Catherine’s Hospital, which is now the administration, classroom, and dormitory complex for Grace University. I lived in Porum, Oklahoma, then grew up

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KJSK Trader Call Sheet

Send us your trader items by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. The News Talk 900 Trader is heard Monday thru Friday at 7:45 am 09/16/19–Scotus yearbooks from 1979, 1980,

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