Birthday Salutes

Happy Birthday to you!

Winners week of August 29
Brenda Bryant, Christina Osantowski, Jeff Anderson, Kenny Korth, Bob Stachura.
Winners week of September 5
Happy Labor Day, Carol Bouc, Jodi Borer, Gene Shemek, Carol & Emil Bouc.

Winners week of September 12

Shauna Czarnick, Marian Staroscik, Matt Humlicek, Connie Ita, Kristy Spahn.

Winners week of September 19

Paige Settje, Megan Tamayo, Kevin Bouc, Presley Hansen, Ray Jemison.


*Winners may pick up their certificates at the studios (1418 25th Street, Columbus) between 11 am and 1 pm; or email your address to [email protected] and we will mail it to you!

Send your birthday and anniversary greetings to: [email protected] Or call 402-562-6987.