Birthday Salutes

Happy Birthday to you!


Winners week of January 16
Steve Anderson, Margaret Gonka, Linda Mentink, Alex Henggeler, Elizabeth Serrano-Bargmann.


Winners week of January 23
Amanda Barrett, Wes Bergland, Angela Fangmeier, Ava Bargmann, Matt Siemek.


Winners week of January 30
Corina Guerrero-Romero, Evan Micek, Mason LeSuer, Deb & Lenny Beiermann, Kathy Bonk.


Winners week of February 6
Nicole Henggeler, Matthew Tworek, Cynthia Thompson


*Winners may pick up their certificates at the studios (1418 25th Street, Columbus) between 11 am and 1 pm; or email your address to [email protected] and we will mail it to you!

Send your birthday and anniversary greetings to: [email protected] Or call 402-562-6987.