$450 Million Renovation Proposed for Memorial Stadium

Nebraska’s Board of Regents will consider a $450 million renovation plan for Memorial Stadium at its October 5th meeting. 

Details of the project were unveiled on Thursday.  “After 100 years, the reality is our stadium needs significant modernization,” athletic director Trev Alberts said in a news release. 

Specific planned improvements include the demolition of South Stadium, which will be replaced with chair-back seating, new chair-back seats in the West and East stadiums, concession upgrades and added points of sale, and modernization of the stadium’s restrooms.  Alberts said the project will reduce the stadium’s capacity to around 75,000.  

If approved by the Regents, the project will be paid equally from $225 million in private funds and the same amount from other funding sources.  No student tuition or university general operating dollars will be used. 

Completion of the entire project is targeted for July 2026.