Steve Perry debuts making-of clip for the video of his current solo single “We're Still Here”

Credit: Myriam Santos

Last month, Steve Perry released an official video for “We’re Still Here,” a song from his 2018 comeback solo album, Traces.  Now the former Journey singer has debuted a clip offering a behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot.

Perry explains in the clip that he hired photographer Myriam Santos to direct the “We’re Still Here” video after she took promo pics of him for Traces.

“[H]er emotional visions of what the song should look like completely fit the music,” Steve notes. “Not only is she a great photographer, she’s a really great director.”

The “We’re Still Here” video features Perry lip-syncing to the tune while driving a vintage Chevy Chevelle around the streets of Hollywood at night, looking introspective as he watches various people out on the town.

Steve says in the behind-the-scenes clip that “We’re Still Here” was inspired by a trip to Hollywood to get a bite to eat during a break in a songwriting session with collaborator Brian West.

“I decided to stand on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, and watch and listen to a whole new generation, running around the streets, blasting their music in their cars as they’re driving around,” Perry shares. “They took me back to a time I’d forgotten about.”

He then explains, “I guess…what I was trying to say when I was writing this song was, ‘We’re still here doing the same thing we’ve always done. We work together, we laugh together, we cry together.'”

The making-of video also features footage of Perry getting groomed for the shoot, conferring with Santos, and interacting with the crew.

“We’re Still Here” just broke into the top 20 of Billboard‘s Adult Contemporary chart.

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