“Five More Minutes”: Scotty McCreery's hit has people putting down their phones and thinking about their lives

Triple Tigers RecordsThe lead single from Scotty McCreery’s new album, Seasons Change, came out back in May. Now that “Five More Minutes” has broken into country’s top 15, it’s become the American Idol winner’s biggest hit since 2014’s “Feelin’ It.”

“It’s kinda like The Little Engine That Could, I swear,” Scotty says, referencing the famed children’s tale about a train that refuses to give up.

But even more than the song’s chart success, the North Carolina native appreciates what it means to his fans.

“The best thing for me has been meet-and-greets, or getting on Twitter or getting on Facebook and seeing the fans’ response to it, telling me their stories, how they relate to it, who they want ‘Five More Minutes’ with,” Scotty tells ABC Radio.

“I wrote this thing for me and for my granddaddy. And to see a song that’s impacting folks and meaning something to them, that’s all you can ask for in what I’m doing.”

Scotty takes the emotional impact “Five More Minutes” is having very seriously.  

“I take it as a responsibility. You know, I wrote this song that means a lot to people. And you know, I’m gonna get out there and give it my all every night when I sing it.”

The newly engaged 24-year-old says it’s even prompted part of his crowd to get off their phones.

“It’s awesome,” he explains. “You see folks every night when you’re singing, you can tell they’re thinking. They’re really listening. Whereas a lot of folks are filming songs and they’re filming themselves and going nuts, these folks are listening to the words. That’s just something different for me, and I’m really enjoying it.”  

Scotty’s fourth album, Seasons Change, comes out March 16.

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