Which Golden Globe-nominated show does Josh Groban say he “can't turn off”?

ABC NewsThe Crown, the Netflix series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, is up for several awards Sunday night at the Golden Globes.  One celebrity who’ll no doubt be rooting for it to win is Josh Groban, who admits he’s a little obsessed with the current season of the series.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the royal family, and I thought I knew…but you think you know — you have no idea!” he tells ABC Radio. “The first season was all about how she became queen and the pomp and circumstance and how that changes over, and the second season is just pure soap opera.”

The Crown is up for Best TV Drama and Claire Foy, who plays the queen, is nominated for Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama.  The nominations are for the show’s first season; the current season covers, among other things, infidelity, marriage, divorce, childbirth, war crimes and even scandalous behavior by President Kennedy and his wife.

“I mean, all the things that they go into, I can’t turn it off!” Josh laughs. “I’ve had 2 1/2 hours of sleep because I had to get to episode six of The Crown season 2, which…by the way…INCREDIBLE!”

Of course, Josh may also be high on The Crown because he’s now the star of a Netflix TV show himself.  He’s co-starring with Tony Danza in the comedy The Good Cop, due out later this year. Josh says he likes Netflix because there are no budget constraints.

“They have the means to take risks, to take on projects are a little different from what’s out there,” he tells ABC Radio. “So as a creative person, as an actor in the show, to be working for a company that can do that is a luxury.”

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