“Nashville” recap: “New Strings”

CMTOn the season six premiere of Nashville on CMT, a frenetic Juliette Barnes was poised to embark on her comeback tour, until a heckler in the crowd prompted her to stop her song. What followed was a rambling emotional breakdown that set the stage for Juliette to call off the trek.

Though Avery Barkley tried to help her recharge with the couple’s first getaway without their toddler Cadence, it didn’t prove to be enough. A chance meeting with the charismatic self-help guru Darius seemed to set Juliette on a dangerous path.

Meanwhile, Maddie Jaymes booked an impressive end-of-the-year gig at L.A.’s Staples Center, playing with teen sensation Jonah Ford. Romance blossomed between the two, as Jonah invited Maddie to fly back to Nashville on his private plane.

Though Scarlett O’Connor accompanied her niece on her trip to Los Angeles, Scarlett’s thoughts were preoccupied by both the end of her relationship with Gunnar Scott and the dissolution of their musical partnership as The Exes. Gunnar himself struggled with the prospect of performing without Scarlett, with his friend Will Lexington eventually joining him on stage for support.

Will himself was still having plenty of problems in his personal life, bumping into his ex, Zach Welles, who was already accompanied by a new boyfriend. While Zach appeared to have moved on, Will still couldn’t understand why Zach wouldn’t forgive him for siding with his friends, when Zach had threatened to destroy Highway 65.

Months after the death of Rayna Jaymes, everyone seemed ready for Deacon Claybourne to find love again — except Deacon himself. While Scarlett, Maddie and her sister Daphne encouraged him to find a date for New Year’s Eve, Deacon remained a hold-out.

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