Nurse gets creative so boy won't cry while getting shots

Remains/iStock/Thinkstock(ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.) — A Florida grandmother is saying thank you in a big way to a nurse who used creativity and kindness to get her grandson to undergo three shots without crying.

Tiffany Marshall posted a video on Facebook late last month of a nurse in St. Petersburg, Florida, helping her grandson, Dimitri. The video now has 20 million views and growing.

Marshall promised her grandson $5 if he could get through the shots without crying.

The nurse, who was not identified, started the process by telling Dimitri she was going to do a magic trick. Once blood was drawn in a finger prick, the nurse let Dimitri “paint” on a card.

An engaged Dimitri exclaims throughout the video how excited he is that he didn’t cry.

When it came time for Dimitri’s three shots, the nurse pulled him close in a hug and told him is “strong” and a “big boy.”

Though Dimitri screamed, he did not cry and the nurse handed him a $5 bill from Marshall. Dimitri celebrated with a dance.

“This nurse was absolutely phenomenal,” Marshall, who could not be reached by ABC News, wrote on Facebook.

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