Brett Eldredge is taking “The Long Way” to enjoy 2018

ABC/Image Group LABrett Eldredge breaks into the top 20 this week with “The Long Way,” a song about taking the time to appreciate all of the attributes of a new love interest.

Much like the mindset of his latest hit, Brett says his resolution for 2018 is to enjoy the life — and the career — he’s created.

“I want to really sit back and enjoy how special of a life making music is,” he reflects. “When you start out, you’re just trying everything to get on the radio. And then you’re trying to make the best music you can, and all you think about is that.”

“I’m always gonna work hard,” Brett explains, “but I’ve got to sit back and enjoy it too. You’re moving so fast sometimes, you don’t get to really recognize what’s happening all the time, because you’re going to the next stage or you’re going to the next place or you’re putting out the next song or whatever it is.”

Brett will get the chance to thank lots of the folks responsible for his success, as he heads out on his headlining The Long Way Tour in April.

“I just want to really take a deep breath and look all around me and see all the people that have helped get me there and celebrate it with them,” he says, “and celebrate with my fans that were listening to me when I had nothing going on, and then people that discovered me and told their friends. That’s my main goal, is to really just take it all in…”

The Illinois native will start 2018 on the Country Music Freaks trek with Blake Shelton. Their first show together is February 15 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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