David Crosby Disses Taylor Swift, Insists He Had Better Weed Than Jerry Garcia

Django CrosbyIf you follow David Crosby on Twitter, you’ll find that the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has a wide range of opinions on a variety of random topics — from Jerry Garcia to Taylor Swift.

The Crosby, Stills & Nash rocker has been actively answering fans’ tweets this past week, and when one highly engaged follower asked him, “Who had the better weed — you or Jerry Garcia?,” Crosby answered, “Me.” When another fan followed up with, “But who had the better LSD?,” Crosby replied “[Jerry] did.”

Crosby was also asked about Garcia’s contribution to the CSN classic “Teach Your Children,” specifically whether there was a deal in place for Garcia to play guitar on the track in exchange for CSN contributing harmonies to select Grateful Dead songs. Crosby replied, “Wasn’t like that …wasn’t a deal ….we were friends and we listened to each other.”

As for Taylor Swift, Crosby is apparently not a fan of the pop star. When asked what he thought about her talent, Crosby answered, “Not impressed with her at all …pop…shallow.”

To check out more of Crosby’s musings, visit @thedavidcrosby on Twitter.

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