Josh Groban to co-star with Tony Danza in Netflix dramedy “The Good Cop”

Courtesy Josh Groban/NetflixFollowing his Broadway debut, which came to an end a few months ago, Josh Groban is now joining the streaming world.  He’s landed a lead role in the Netflix series The Good Cop.

Josh will play Tony Jr., an NYPD detective described as “earnest” and “obsessively honest.”  By contrast, the character’s father, Tony Sr. — played by TV legend Tony Danza — is a disgraced cop who never played by the rules.  The two work together unofficially, with Tony Sr. giving Tony Jr. advice.

The Good Cop is a 10-episode hour-long dramedy debuting in 2018.  No word on whether or not we’ll get a new album from Josh before the show launches.

As for how Josh ended up on the show, one of its executive producers worked on The Office, a show on which he appeared on twice.  That might have something to do with it.

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