Katy Perry's judging “American Idol” so she can “revive that good ol' American dream”

ABC/Eric LiebowitzKaty Perry will wrap up her Witness tour in February, and American Idol kicks off the following month.  If you’re wondering why a star as busy as Katy would even try to shoehorn American Idol into her already crazy schedule, it’s because she really believes in what she calls “the good ol’ American dream.”

Noting that American Idol has been negotiating to hire her for “almost seven, eight, nine years,” Katy tells ABC Radio, “It’s never been quite the right timing…but I think now, more than ever, I wanna get to the heart of the people and I wanna hear their stories, and I wanna find a true star.”

And as for why she chose Idol other those other TV talent competitions, Katy is succinct: “I think the difference between American Idol and other non-named shows is that it’s about the contestants. I mean, [we as judges are] kinda like secondary to the contestants.”

“We’re here to find an American Idol, and to kinda like revive that good ol’ American dream,” she adds. “It’s like, if you’ve got that talent, you work hard at it, and you catch that lucky star…we can give you that platform.”

American Idol will premiere on ABC on Sunday, March 11 with Katy, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie as judges, and Ryan Seacrest as the host.

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