Bitterness and the light at the end of the tunnel: Maren Morris's bad breakup inspired “I Could Use a Love Song”

ABC/Mark LevineWhen Maren Morris wrote her latest hit, “I Could Use a Love Song,” she admits her romantic life was not in the very best place.

“I wrote it, just right after I went through this breakup that really put the whole Hero album into motion, with my friends Laura Veltz and Jimmy Robbins,” she recalls. “I was initially going through [the breakup], but they had also been through those moments, like most of us probably have who have been through a relationship that didn’t end well, that sort of cynical side that comes out when you’re feeling burned, or maybe you’re the cause of the breakup.”

Even though there was some bitterness involved in writing “Love Song,” the nominee for CMA Female Vocalist of the Year says the tune also is about finding some hope.

“You know exactly how every relationship from now on is gonna go, because they’re all the same,” Maren laughs. “And so it’s about that feeling, but also fighting past it and realizing all good things eventually come to an end. And if you look back on it in negativity, it’s not healthy for anyone, so there has to be this light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Texas native eventually found her light at the end of the tunnel in her fiancé, fellow artist Ryan Hurd.

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