Big & Rich: Still “(Doing) It for the Party,” after all these years

Big & Rich Records/Sony RED/Thirty TigersBig & Rich’s new album, Did It for the Party, is out now, and John Rich says the title track is more than just a fun tune: it’s a reflection of who the duo really is.

Big Kenny wrote ‘Did It for the Party” and played it for me on the back of our bus one night when we were out on tour,” John tells ABC Radio. “I got through listening to it and I said, ‘Well buddy, if that ain’t the truth! I mean, you nailed that one.’”

“And he said, ‘Yeah man, I was just thinking, the reason we’re a duo instead of being solo artists is because we have more fun together making music.’”

John says it’s that spirit that helped create MuzikMafia, the informal collection of artists and friends that initially propelled their career forward.

“We were just wanting to get as many people together as we could and have as much fun as we could making our music,” John explains, “and that’s where all of our opportunities have always come from, because we were doing it for the party. And we’re still doing it for that reason.”  

The lead single from Did It for the Party, “California,” is currently in country’s top 30.

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