Phil Collins returns to the stage, says retirement was “a lame reason” not to perform

Credit: Patrick BallsPhil Collins kicked off his first tour in over a decade over the weekend and he’s currently in the middle of a five-night stand at London’s famed Royal Albert Hall. The longtime Genesis frontman and solo star, who announced his retirement in 2011, says he decided to return to the road because his youngest children kept asking him to.

“They were very, very keen,” Phil tells ABC Radio about his sons Matt and Nic. “When…I was taking them to school, they’d always wanna hear ‘dad’s music,’ be it Genesis Live or a live CD that I had in my car of my First Final [Farewell] tour.” 

Collins continues, “They’re always saying, ‘Oh, when you gonna go out again, Dad? When you gonna write some new songs?’ And I started to think, ‘Why aren’t I doing it?'”

So last year, Phil decided to dip his toe back into the water by doing a few shows with his son Nic, who’s now 16, on drums.

Collins says those shows were “fantastic,” adding, “I’d come back in the dressing room and I’d think, ‘Well, am I not doing this because I’d said I retired?’ ‘Cause…in the big picture, that’s a pretty lame reason. So with Nic playing drums, I figured, let’s have a crack at it.”

Though Nic is just 16, Phil says his son does just fine playing songs like “In the Air Tonight,” “Sussudio,” “Invisible Touch” and “Easy Lover.”

“There’s a lot of me in him, and he plays a lot like me,” says Collins. “He has that attitude and aggression, which is good. [It’s] nice to bring some youth and aggression to what I do!”

So far, Phil’s tour schedule only includes shows in Europe, and will wrap up in London’s Hyde Park on June 30.

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