Listen to Dave Davies and son's new collaborative album, “Open Road,” online now

Green Amp RecordsKinks guitarist Dave Davies‘ new album with his son Russ, Open Road, won’t be released until Friday, but you can check out an exclusive preview of the entire nine-track collection at

Speaking about the project with Paste, Dave notes, “This was truly a collaborative thing. Russ would come up with a musical idea, and I would think, ‘Okay, where are we going to go with this?'”

The 70-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer also tells the magazine that his son’s experience working with electronic music added an interesting element to the recordings.

“He has a really good sense of structure, of placement, of landscapes,” Dave maintains. “He would bring me these amazing musical landscapes and I would work out lyrics and add in my guitar.”

Regarding the lyrics, Dave says the album’s songs focus on various topics, but overall, Open Road “looks back on those innocent days gone by while also being hopeful for the future.”

This reflective theme is apparent from the first words of the album’s lead track, “Path Is Long”: “It’s not where were going, it’s not where you’ve been/ Or how much money you made, it’s how we have lived.”

As previously reported, Dave will be heading out on a U.S. spring tour in support of Open Road that kicks off April 6 in Milwaukee and is mapped out through a May 1 concert in Nashville.

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