Ex-Allman Brothers guitarist Dickey Betts' wife arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot students

Courtesy of Sarasota County Sheriff’s OfficeDonna Betts, wife of founding Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts, was arrested Monday in Osprey, Florida, after she allegedly threatened to shoot a group of high-school students who are part of a local rowing crew.

According to an arrest report ABC Radio obtained from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Donna was taken into custody after deputies observed a video of her standing on a dock and aiming a rifle at the crew members while threatening to shoot them.

According to the report, the video, which was taken with a cell phone, shows Ms. Betts pointing the rifle at various students — who’d gathered at a site next to her property for their daily rowing practice — while yelling at them to stay off her property. As the video ends, Ms. Betts throws the gun into the water. The report says the students did not go onto Donna’s property at any time.

“The video depicts the fear in the students’ voices as they ask why she was pointed the rifle at them,” says the report.

The document also says that after throwing her gun into the water, Donna called 911 and said, “The crew from Sarasota High School have destroyed her life and she has had it.”

The gun was later recovered and brought to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

A report on the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office website shows that Ms. Betts was charged with more than a dozen counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

The police report says coaches and members of the rowing crew claim report that they have had other conflicts with Ms. Betts in the past.

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