Come to the 2016 Platte County Fair

Over 400 4-H youth have made entry to bring exhibits to this year’s Platte County Fair. From our office’s standpoint, the work highlights the 4-H calendar for 2016.

Be sure to catch your favorite show and also be sure to walk through the exhibits – both livestock and the static exhibits in the Exhibit Hall.  Recognizing the 4-H learning by attending and viewing the exhibits is a big part of being at County Fair.

Our office wants to THANK the volunteers that help make the fair a success each year.  The first group that needs to be thanked is the 4-H Leaders.  Most of them help during fair week, but in addition they are helping the young people throughout the 4-H year and everyone needs to give them thanks for that volunteer time.

There is significant value that can be assigned to this time.  We calculate that there are about 170 Volunteers for our 4-H’ers in Platte County.  It is assumed that each leader puts in (average) of 20 hours volunteering for their club.  The value of that volunteer time has been estimated at $17 per hour.  So the total value of the volunteer’s time to lead our 4-H Program in Platte County is about $72,250 per year! These volunteers support the learning and the skill development of the 438 4-H members in Platte County!

The second group of volunteers that we need to thank is the Fair Superintendents.  They are the group of people that help conduct all the judging events the entire fair week.  The fair simply would not work if this group of people didn’t exist.  They are great to work with and everyone in our office appreciates their time.

We hope that by preparing exhibits for the fair, 4-H’ers learned skills related to their project.  The 4-H project is the topic that the young person had an interest in.  The exhibit brought to the fair was what the 4-H’er wanted to show others to demonstrate that they had learned by doing.

Too often, the success of the exhibits is measured by the ribbon received or the trophy won.  Every 4-H’er is a winner by having an exhibit at the fair because they’ve learned something about producing that exhibit.  Let’s hope that we focused on the learning, not the ribbon or trophy.

By the way, the Extension Staff in our office primarily responsible for Platte County 4-H and our work at county fair, include Sandra Swanson, Jody Wendt, Jim Mueller, led by the 4-H Educator in Platte County, Jill Goedeken.  However, everyone in the office spends most of that week at Ag Park helping as we can.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Downtown Office is closed July 1, 4 (Holiday), and July 6-11 (Until Noon) for County Fair.  Call 402-564-7712 to contact us at Ag Park, or come to Administration Building at Ag Park during that time for assistance.  The Courthouse office will open again with regular hours on Tuesday, July 12, 2016.

For more information or assistance, please contact Allan Vyhnalek, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Extension in Platte County.  Phone: 402-563-4901 or e-mail