Vermont Grocers Seeking Labeling Law Delay

The Vermont Retail and Grocers Association wants the state to delay its GMO labeling law that is slated to start July first. The Vermont Business Magazine reported Monday that the Association is supporting an amendment under consideration by the Vermont Senate delaying the law until July of next year. However, the Association recommends delaying the law until 2018.

While expressing support for disclosing GMO information to consumers, the Association says there will likely be some interruptions in supply this summer as food companies change over their labeling to comply with Vermont’s first in-the-nation-labeling law. The law brings national implications as many food suppliers in the U.S. are planning to comply with the Vermont law. The U.S. Senate has unsuccessfully tried to pass a bill containing a national GMO labeling standard earlier this year. Retailers in Vermont say the delay would make implementation of the law smoother.

The delay would also give the U.S. Congress more time to craft a compromise between lawmakers on a national GMO labeling standard.