The Effect of Eliminating GMO’s


A new study by Purdue University shows the adverse effects on the globe if GMO’s were eliminated. The study finds eliminating GMO’s would increase food prices, boost greenhouse gas emissions and create major losses of forest pasture land. Their research found that by eliminating all GMOs in the United States, corn yields would decline 11.2 percent on average.

Further research found a 5.2 percent drop in soybean yields and an 18.6 percent drop in cotton yields. The study says greenhouse gas emissions would increase significantly because with lower crop yields, more land is needed for agricultural production, and it must be converted from pasture and forest. The researchers say commodity prices would rise if GMO were eliminated, with corn increasing as much as 28 percent while soybeans would increase 22 percent. Food prices would increase 1-2 percent or 14 to $24 billion per year. The research will be published in an industry journal this spring.