Willow Holoubek Selected as 2016 NE Outstanding LEAD Alum

Annually the Nebraska LEAD Alumni present the award for Outstanding LEAD Alum. The 2016 recipient is Willow Holoubek of David City, member of LEAD class 26. Through her hard work to ensure a future for agriculture in the state, Willow Holoubek is deserving of this award. Holoubek has been the organizational director for A-FAN, the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska since 2010. Holoubek is responsible for administering the day-to-day management of the organization, in addition to working with A-FAN’s various committees and Nebraska agriculture promotion and education projects. Holoubek also serves as a resource for Nebraska farmers and ranchers looking to expand their livestock operations. A-FAN is a non-profit organization charged with developing educational opportunities and creating awareness about the importance of Nebraska agriculture, in addition to helping Nebraska farmers and ranchers in the responsible development and expansion of Nebraska’s livestock farms.

Holoubek also has worked as a private consultant and project coordinator in the area of bioenergy development, as the executive director of the Butler County Development Board, as program technician for USDA’s Farm Service Agency, and as a clerk in the Butler County Treasurer’s Office. Holoubek has deep roots in agriculture, spending the last 20 plus years working with her husband, Mark, and four children on the family’s grain and livestock farm near David City where they raise purebred Angus cattle, corn, soybeans and dairy-quality alfalfa. Willow Krause Holoubek earned an animal science degree from the University of Nebraska and is originally from the Alliance area.

The following are supportive comments: “Willow is a champion for animal agriculture in the state of Nebraska. She continues to work hard to bring livestock opportunities to the state and she has been a strong leader of AFAN. Her passion for agriculture shows through as she promotes Nebraska and the livestock industry.”

“Willow has been a strong supporter and advocate for growing our rural communities. Her knowledge and background in rural development lends itself well to her profession working with the AFAN organization. She goes above and beyond to tell the story of what livestock development means to our small towns and to people in the industry. Her drive and passion for growing Nebraska Agriculture is a top priority of hers and will always be.”

“Willow once was quoted in her role as Executive Director of the Butler County Economic Development Board, ‘In a few years we will look back and know that we made a difference.’ Perhaps this is the agricultural legacy of which Willow can be very proud and remembered: A deep-rooted Nebraskan who can look back and know that she made a difference in Nebraska.”