Priority Bills Decided by Nebraska Cattlemen

LINCOLN, Neb.Nebraska Cattlemen(NC) Board of Directors met in Lincoln for their annual legislative meeting this week. Six NC committee chairmen brought over 40 new Nebraska Legislative bills and resolutions to the board’s attention.

Under close review, in accordance to NC Policy, the Board of Directors decided positions on each individual bill. Among those 4 were designated as priorities for Nebraska Cattlemen.
The first priority supported by NC was introduced by Senator Smith, LB 977, which requests to change provisions relating to implements of husbandry on highways. LB 977 establishes a more descriptive definition of implements of husbandry and clarifies that equipment meeting the definition is exempt from the weight and load limitations under Nebraska Rules of the Road.
The next priority issue is the support of LR 378CA, introduced by Senator Kuehn, proposes a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to engage in certain farming and ranching practices. The amendment would protect agriculture as a vital sector of Nebraska’s economy.
LB 958 by Senator Gloor and LB 959 by Senator Sullivan are part of the plan unveiled by Governor Ricketts in his “State of the State” address to provide property tax relief to Nebraskans. These two bills change provisions relating to budget controls in all political subdivisions including local governments and schools. LB 958 also specifically addresses slowing the growth of agricultural land valuations by applying a statewide 3% aggregate adjustment for increases beginning in 2016. Both bills also address changes to levy limitations and penalties which would result in property tax relief at the local level.
“I am proud of Nebraska Cattlemen volunteers and staff with a successful week reviewing proposed legislative bills. We came together to apply our policies on bills to favor cattlemen across the state. We look forward to working with our Senators as these bills move through the Unicameral” said Troy Stowater, chairman of NC Legislative Committee.
For more information about a specific priority for Nebraska Cattlemen, please call the Nebraska Cattlemen office at 402.475.2333