Active in the Workplace Video Series

BROOKINGS, S.D. – To keep South Dakota workers moving, SDSU Extension Field Specialists Tara Shafrath and Nikki Prosch developed and released Active in the Workplace a 5-part, workout video series.
“These workouts take five to 10 minutes to complete, so instead of heading to the break room for coffee in the morning or afternoon, folks who spend their days at a desk or in meetings can complete one or two of these videos to engage in physical activity for a quick break,” said Nikki Prosch, Health & Physical Activity Field Specialist.
Prosch explained that the videos are designed for all fitness levels and worksite settings and each of the five videos focus on different target areas, including upper body, lower body, core, stretching and cardio exercises.
Prosch and Shafrath developed the video series because of the benefits produced by regular physical activity on health, the reduction of chronic disease, and overall quality of life.
Shafrath added that in addition to health benefits, studies show workplace exercise as a morale booster.
“Employers who encourage physical activity in the worksite have reported less absenteeism and higher productivity due to lack of illness, obesity, injury, or chronic conditions,” said Shafrath, SDSU Extension Health & Physical Activity Field Specialist.
Designed with the busiest of professionals in mind, Shafrath and Prosch kept the videos short and to the point.
“Adult Americans spend a significant amount of the day in the worksite. Because we kept these videos short, we hope that even the busiest of workers have time to squeeze in some activity each day,” Prosch said.
The team featured some busy individuals in the videos including: Warren Rusche, SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist;  Karlys Wells, SDSU Extension Associate and Barry Dunn, South Dakota Corn Utilization Council Endowed Dean of the SDSU College of Agriculture & Biological Sciences, SDSU Extension Director.
Access the Active in the Workplace video series on the SDSU iGrow Youtube channel. (