Mick Named Executive Director of We Support Agriculture

Ansley Mick has been appointed Executive Director of We Support Agriculture (WSA), a Lincoln-based coalition comprised of the Nebraska Cattlemen Association, Nebraska State Dairy

Association, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation, Nebraska Pork Producers Association, and Nebraska Poultry Industries, Inc. In her new role, Mick will coordinate with like-minded entities to combat efforts aimed at restricting livestock production and growth in Nebraska. She previously served as agriculture liaison and policy advisor for Congressman Adrian Smith (Nebraska-03).

“Every day it seems there’s a new ad or article misleading consumers about how producers care for their land and animals,” Mick said. “WSA was formed to bridge the gap between the public perception that these activists are rescuing pets and helping local shelters, and the true objectives of such organizations. Extremism continues to threaten production agriculture, and I’m excited to join a team dedicated to setting the record straight.”