Nebraska CattleWomen Announce Beef Ambassador Contest Winners

Nebraska CattleWomen (NCW) today announced the winners of the 2015 Nebraska Beef Ambassador Contest. The contest provides an opportunity for youth to test their skills at being spokespersons and future leaders in the beef industry. Hosted by the NCW-Consumer Promotion and Education Committee, the Kearney event had ten students competing in three divisions.

The Junior contestants gave a presentation on a beef-related topic. This year’s Junior winner is Rianna Chaney from Elwood. She is the daughter of Becky and Lee Chaney.

The Intermediate and Senior contestants had a three-part competition. They were asked to write a response to an issue seen in the media. They were also interviewed on a beef industry subject by agriculture reporter Ken Rahjes. The final part of the competition was consumer interaction. The contestants chose promotional materials (provided by the Beef Check-off Program) to display and used props to engage consumers. Using their selected materials and their own knowledge, they answered consumer questions about beef.

The 2015 Intermediate winner is Tigh Renken of Bertrand, son of Richard and Annette Renken. The 2015 Senior division winner is Ashtyn Shrewsbury of Lincoln, daughter of Justin and Amy Shrewsbury. Both Tigh and Ashtyn will represent Nebraska in the National Beef Ambassador contest in Denver held this fall. The 2014 Intermediate winner, Cooper Grabenstein will also be eligible to compete at the 2015 National contest.
To download photo of contestants, please click here.