KJSK Trader Call Sheet

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11/20/17–Sell:  A computer desk with printer stand.  Phone:  402-563-2261.

11/20/17–Sell:  A refrigerant coil, model CA24A3G-1601-000, made by Aspen Manufacturing, uses refrigerant R-22 or R-40A.  A 2001 Honda Rancher, electric shift.  An oil burner model CT-16971 and burning chamber.  Phone:  402-513-7547.

11/16/17–Sell:  Original Nied’s Meats  cookbooks.  Phone:  402-564-7869.

11/14/17–Sell:  Dog kennels and bird cages.  Phone:  402-564-7935.

11/14/17–Sell:  Two tickets to the Nebraska/Iowa football game.  Good seats on the west side.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

11/01/17–Sell:  A Murray girl’s 10 speed bicycle in good condition for $35.  A small wooden student desk with drawers for $20. Two twin size captain’s beds with drawers underneath for $75 each, two twin size bookshelf headboards for $25 each, four small folding camp chairs with canvas seats, $5 each.  Phone:  402-270-1973 and leave a message.

10/25/17–Wanted:  Laying hens.  Phone:  402-543-2372.

10/16/17–Sell:  A Toro 21″ self-propelled lawn mower.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

10/11/17–Sell:  Four pair of jeans with a 38″ waist, three pair of jeans with a 36″ waist for $2.50 a pair.  Phone:  402-367-4114. (David City)

10/09/17–Sell:  A slide-in 8-foot stock rack for a pickup.  It has steel sides and a plywood floor.  Phone:  402-529-6070.

10/09/17–Sell:  A new dining room table and 4 chairs for $450.  Phone:  402-564-8826.

09/29/17–Sell:  A well pump and pressure tank.  Phone:  402-276-5040.

09/28/17–Sell:  A queen size bed, box spring and mattress for $125.  Phone:  402-564-0075.

09/27/17–Sell:  A VIZIO 24″ flat screen TV with remote still in the box, with like new LG DVD with TV, a Toshiba laptop computer with sleeve and wall charger. Original price was $299. A 10″ HP tablet barely used with Case Logic case for $100, and a keyboard for a 10″ tablet for $20.  Phone:  402-920-6200.

09/18/17–Sell:  Firewood, seasoned, various hardwoods.  $75 a pickup load.  Phone:  402-817-9818.

09/12/17–Wanted:  A  shorter dump rake with a hitch.  Phone:  402-367-9733.

09/08/17–Sell:  A 2001 Nissan Pathfinder 4 x 4 with sunroof, leather interior, and good tires. Runs great.  Phone:  402-615-1216.

08/31/17–Sell:  A women’s set of left-handed golf clubs.  Fiberflex 2000.  1, 3, and 5 woods, King XD oversized irons.  Comes with a nice bag.  All sorts of fishing equipment is also available.  Phone:  402-615-4415. (Schuyler)

08/07/17–Sell:  A 100 gallon pickup fuel tank with pump, like new.  Phone:  402-270-9507.

08/03/17–Wanted:  A steel or wood outdoor storm door 30″ x 80″.  Must open to the right coming in from the outside.  Phone:  402-910-1261.

07/31/17–Sell:  A treadmill for $20, and two vanities with sinks and faucets.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

06/20/17–Wanted:  A tube type antique floor radio.  Phone:  402-246-2602.

06/13/17–Sell:  An Ariens snow blower for $200, a Toro electric grass trimmer for $25, and a grass edger for $5.  See these items at 1062 25th Avenue in Columbus.  Phone;  402-564-1706.

05/22/17–Sell:  A blue Lazy Boy rocker recliner 2 1/2 years old with controls for $450, and a brass lamp 4 1/2 foot tall.  Phone:  402-564-3742.

05/17/17–Sell:  Banquet folding tables, a full size bed frame, a walking sprinkler.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

05/04/17–Sell:  Old bubble glass for picture frames.  Phone:  402-710-9662.

08/24/16–Wanted: A Columbus Sales Pavilion wooden walking cane. Phone: 402-352-8804.

08/24/16–Wanted: A 4-row Rudy Novak button accordion, and an Antonin Hlavacek 4-row button accordion with a “fast” keyboard. Phone: 402-352-8804.

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